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When establish-id, Co-Founder James Howe first suggested Direct Mail as a change in direction to Jigsaws' marketing strategy, he was met with cautious interest and eventually agreed to produce and mail 20,000 books to a selection of loyal customers, and a further 20,000 to a targeted prospect list.

Leading style icon of the British High Street, Jigsaw opened its first store in Hampstead in 1970 with one intention, to sell stylish clothes in inspiring surroundings at affordable prices.


Over 50 years on, this philosophy remains as true today as when that first store opened. Jigsaw designs are timeless, independent-minded and fun. They prefer not to slavishly follow fashion trends; instead, they cherish the opportunity to make something beautiful, meaningful and lasting that you can wear for years. Jigsaw clothing, as with the brand, is made for longevity. A far cry from the throwaway world we have evolved to live in. 

James' strategy was simple; he recognised that despite the online world of today. The Jigsaw customer demographic still prefers to connect with our offline world, and they are, therefore, more likely to respond to a physical than a digital marketing piece. This initial test mailing created substantial returns and encouraged Jigsaw to continue and evolve the strategy. 

establish-id has evolved with them; in 2022, we helped Jigsaw connect with over a million known and prospective customers through Direct Mail campaigns. Our place in this is much more than a provider of the finished article. We assist in managing the whole process, advising on formats, colour-balancing products to match the physical product, ensuring the best quality of Print production, cleansing the postal data and managing delivery through our chosen postage provider. 

In 2022, fully developed by our in-house team, we added Snap2Shop to the benefits we offer,  A bespoke image recognition platform designed to instantly connect our offline and online worlds. A quick snap on a mobile phone takes your customer directly to the point of purchase.


Jigsaw began leading the way by reaching 180,000 customers in their Autumn campaign. The response has been incredible, with many customers stating, "Snap2 makes shopping so simple".


"Our relationship with establish-id has been constantly developing over a number of years and as a brand, Jigsaw was founded on the principle of bringing elevated style and design to the British High Street. It's this DNA that establish-id just seems to 'get'. It's wonderful to know that we can put our trust in such a valued supplier. They are at the forefront of all of our below the line marketing activity providing brand consistency, quality, consultation, market advice and superb client service. Certainly, our direct mail offering has never been stronger which is a very important part of our routes to market. They really feel a part of our marketing & brand team.


Jess Franklin, Head of Marketing and Customer at Jigsaw Clothing 

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