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Street Child


The purpose of Street Child is to see all children safe in school and learning.

Our purpose is to support them in achieving this by delivering their marketing, design and production requirements cost-efficient and effectively.

Street Child was started when Tom Dannatt visited Sierra Leone in 2008 and pledged to get 100 kids off the Street and into education.

Our partnership started when Street Child required business cards for a networking event. 

A lot has changed since then, and now Street Child works across 21 of the poorest and most challenging countries in the world, giving the most vulnerable children a safe home and access to primary education.

And we support them in the design and production of their marketing collateral. 

The recent completion of Street Childs UK Gala Dinner, Stage Design, Media Walls, Brochures and Name Cards assisted them in raising over £930,000 for their fantastic cause. While having a high enough impact to introduce establish-id to their colleagues in the Netherlands and their main sponsor,

Liberty Global. 

“This is perfect. Thank you so much for your quick and detailed work. 
This quality of work is something we all greatly appreciate.” 

Nicola Wolff, Liberty Global 

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